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Weather Helmed

Dear Brisbane, will you marry me?

November 12th, 2010 · No Comments · Australia, Beautiful, First Mates, shoe-cruising

After just one day of a LOT of walking around, I am SO SO SO SO SO in love with Brisbane!!!  I’ve never responded to a city this way before, not even Paris, and I am a wee bit jealous that Jon will have so much more time to get to know this place.  Despite our relatively free schedule right now, there’s *no way* we could really afford to stay here more than 3 weeks without missing the whole point by continuing to just live on ramen and buttered pasta and never leaving the boat, or without actually finding a job that paid about a gazillion dollars a week. There are so many restaurants that look and smell amazing, the parks – oh, the parks!!! If I told you about them, it wouldn’t do them justice, so I’m going to do a whole other picture post on that in the near future… We’ve picked up some visitors info and you would not believe the FREE live FREE music FREE that abounds in this town. Almost every night there are groups playing somewhere in the city, every Tuesday they have *lunchtime* classical and/or orchestral music in the Cathedral downtown and other churches in the area, on weekends they have a series of “Bands in the Park,” and you can attend ALL OF IT for FREE.  And I thought SF had a good music scene!  There are too many things to do and see here, not even including going to the Koala Sanctuary where I am planning to get my hands on a juicy little furry koala baby, cruising up and down the river on a beautiful paddleboat, window-shopping in the Paddington District, eating at a different restaurant for breakfast/lunch/dinner, AND taking a barista course on making the perfect cup of coffee.  This town is also incredibly romantic.  Last night Matt and I sat in a gorgeous park, admiring the lovely skyline and the lights glittering on the river, and then we made out until the ferry showed up 🙂  Being here feels more like a HONEYMOON to me than any of the other “exotic” places we’ve been to.  Not to mention that the parts of the city we’ve seen so far are so clean that we saw a few women walking down the streets of the *financial district* barefoot and the aussie vibe is delightfully casual and relaxed and people are heart-warmingly friendly.  When we met up with Jon back at the boat yesterday, he couldn’t get over the fact that people actually waited in line at the bar to get a drink – no crowding up and pushing and yelling and stretching to get the bartenders’ attentions. Nope, just patiently waiting and chatting with friends until their turn came around.

Seriously, Brisbane, I LOVE YOU.

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