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Weather Helmed

Deserted Islands and a VANDELLA CD – the perfect combo :)

January 13th, 2010 · 6 Comments · Fun Stuff, Giveaways

In honor of our good friend Jeff and his upcoming adventures, I am giving away his band’s latest CD to one lucky commenter!!

VANDELLA has an awesome sound, a sort of folk-rock style, and their concerts are fabulous.  IN FACT, if you’re in San Francisco **THIS THURSDAY** please go see them at the Red Devil Lounge.  Matt and I will be there and I’d love to see YOU!!!

Anyway, if you’re interested in some awesome new music, leave a comment answering this question (of particular concern to me at the moment):

If you were stranded on a desert island (or in a life raft!) and could only have one book with you (ok, maybe 2), what book(s) would you bring??????

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  • Kristi Wallace

    Seriously? Only two? Perhaps you should invest in a kindle before you ship off! I’m going to give more than 2 :0)
    Sookie stackhouse series by charlaine Harris
    the hunger game & catching fire by Collins
    bitter is the new black (and her other books) Jen Lancaster
    anything by augusten buroughs, Alison wynn scotch, Marian keyes, and curtis sittenfeld.
    I have a whole list I keep on my computer if you’d like it :0)
    right now I’m *slowly* making my way through gone with the wind. It’s good, but very wordy!

  • Alex

    ummmm, I’m going to have to say – Moby Dick. What other ONE book could possibly be the right choice for a sea voyage?

  • Jamie Pelfrey


    Listen sweet thing we need to figure out a way to get you a Kindle. Robert has one and just loves it! There are tons of free Classic books that could keep you busy for awhile. Let me try and figure out a way to make this happen.

  • Karen

    Jamie, you are too nice! We’ve considered getting a kindle but haven’t bit the bullet yet… please don’t go out of your way to do anything!!! 🙂

    Alex – yes, I suppose that would be appropriate. haha 🙂

    Kristi – you rock! Thanks for all the suggestions!

  • Thaddeus

    Since the only ones likely to be stranded on a desert island any time soon are you and your new hubby, I say bring the “Joy of Sex.” It might come in handy on those long and lonely sea passages as well, I should think. Cuddle over Kindle any day.

  • eydie

    I would bring The Life of Pi and if you have read it you would know why…

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