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Weather Helmed

A little late, but a BIG thanks…

March 23rd, 2010 · 1 Comment · Cheers!!, Somebody likes us

To Shawn and Karen G.  We don’t really know you, but we appreciate you and your generosity!!  Shawn & Karen treated us to drinks while we were in San Diego, at a cool little jazz place they too have enjoyed near the cop docks called Humphreys.   There, we got our first taste of Paradise: these amazing blue curacao/coconut rum/pineapple/orange juice wonders – DELICIOUS.  We promptly ran down to Trader Joe’s to stock up on similar ingredients 🙂

Thanks for the drinks and the inspiration!

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  • Karen and Shawn Gardell

    And thanks to you for checking on our boat after the tsunami! We will finally arrive in San Diego next month to live aboard our boat, and now Hamilton’s Tavern (thanks to you guys) will be one of our first stops for a drink! Thanks for sharing your trip by blogging, as we hope to follow in your wake sometime soon. Enjoy your cruise…adios!

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