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Weather Helmed

God bless the internet

March 27th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Fellow Cruisers, Fun Stuff, Life on the Boat, Mexico, Somebody likes us, The beginning

For those who may not know, Matt and I met online.  Yes, we are one of the (now) many couples who successfully negotiated through all the lies and faked pictures, were lucky enough to avoid the horror stories, and found the love of our life on WWW.MATCH.COM.

Were it not the for the internet, I never would have met Matt and I cannot imagine my world without him.

Also thanks largely to the internet, we arrived here in La Cruz with a ready-made community waiting for us.  Because I know my posts have been so long and wordy these days, I thought I’d give an um *brief* run-down of our social calendar these past two weeks along with how we met/know the people we’ve hung out with….

Keep in mind, we arrived in La Cruz Sunday March 14.

March 15: cocktails with Louis & Laura on Cirque (Matt raced on Cirque up in San Francisco)

March 16: lunch with Wally & Cricket on Stella Blue (Matt met Wally via Wally’s blog and visited him over in Alameda as they traded stories of boat work)

March 17: cocktails aboard Ceilydh with several other cruisers  (I discovered Ceilydh’s blog last fall and had followed their journey down the CA coast)

March 19: Cruisers’ potluck at the yacht club

March 20: dinner with Mike and Hyo of IO (I found IO’s blog soon online a month or so before we left – and they’re young like us!!!!)

March 21: tacos en la calle with Louis & Laura.  They introduced us to several other cruisers.

March 22: dinner on our boat with Mike & Hyo

March 23: delicious “surf & turf” dinner on Wendaway with Mark, a guy who Matt had met up in San Carlos when they first bought the boat, and who had been following Matt on Matt’s blog and The Valiant Owner’s Yahoo Group.

March 25: freshly caught tuna dinner with Wally & Cricket on Stella Blue

March 26: potluck dinner at the yacht club

It’s true that we’ve met a lot of cruisers in our first two weeks, but we arrived here already knowing 1, 2… almost TEN PEOPLE that we had connected with via the internet.  I think that’s pretty spectacular.  D&E of Ceilydh greeted us like old friends and we’ve been parking our dinghy at their boat ever since that first day.  The first morning we checked in on the local VHF net, we had three other boats hailing us to say hello and welcome us to Mexico.

So, for all my moaning and groaning, we’ve actually had a fantastic experience here in La Cruz and with the cruising community.  See everybody?!?! I’m trying to focus on the positives… 🙂  haha

I also am loving all the comments I’m getting from other soon-to-be young cruisers who always end their emails with “We’ll see you out there soon!”  because, as we’re finding out, maybe you really WILL 🙂

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  • Jodi Solem

    Ahhh – Everyone needs a place to belong! What a great community! It sounds like the neighborhood I grew up in!

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