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Weather Helmed

Better (thank you!) late than (thank you!) never…

August 3rd, 2010 · 2 Comments · Cheers!!, Debauchery, Fun Stuff, Mexico, Somebody likes us

Not that the Gees will be surprised or anything at my tardiness, but here’s a BIG THANK YOU to some awesome awesome friends, a few months late, for treating us to drinks in Mexico 🙂


AND another thank you to Mark M. and his wife for also treating us to a fun evening out in La Cruz.  We did this whole video for you, but it was already too dark outside, so I’m just posting this pic of Matt. Sorry for the poor clarity of the photo Mark, but here’s a shot of Matt with his “cheesehead!!”  Go Packers!


And, finally, another belated THANK YOU to our Montana boy Jefe M. for getting Matt (and maybe me, too) good and drunk on some margaritas 🙂


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  • Jeff McLain

    Of course! You’re so welcome! It’s big fun reading your blogs and following your adventure. ~ Jefe

  • Mark

    You are welcome, and I see you paired the cheese with an excellent Modelo. Glad you guys made it safely across, and keep up the great posts. The most interesting sailing we’ll do this summer is across Lake Michigan so I am deeply envious…

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