Weather Helmed

an adventure in renewing the spirit and living the dream…on a sailboat

Weather Helmed

About Me

Recently married, my name is Karen Holmes, although that still sounds really strange since I’ve gone by Karen Anslinger for the past 30 years.  I’m married to a marvelous man named Matt, who is so much more than I could have ever hoped or dreamed for.  (Thank you!)   We share the same birthday – he’s one year older than me – and call me cheap, but it’s nice to know that *I* can always be his birthday present.

I grew up in the southern central valley of California – my first few years spent in the foothills of the Sierras where I rolled around naked in mud and wandered the fields looking for arrowheads and Indian beads. The majority of my childhood, though, was in Bakersfield, #1 most polluted city in the nation, but also a suburbia paradise as everyone knows, “Bakersfield is a good place to raise a family.”  Guess they are right because my older brother and I turned out ok and we even stayed there for college!

After a short stint writing public service announcements and helping produce commercials for a local TV station, I somehow ended up applying to law school and switched coasts to attend William & Mary School of Law (aka “Marshall-Wythe High.”)  Except for the attending-class and final-exam parts, I LOVED LAW SCHOOL. (I know, for most that’s like saying, I LOVE HEMORRHOIDS.)  But, I really did love law school – those three years will go down as some of the best in my life.  The Burg, my classmates, my school…  it was a true home for me.

On my second attempt, I passed the California Bar Exam in 2008 and became a bonafide licensed attorney.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a job in the legal field (and was no longer sure I really wanted one there), so I explored other avenues and ended up as an office manager for an engineering firm in SF.  I also ended up on a panel of attorneys handling criminal appeals for the state.

Due to our upcoming sailing trip, I’ve quit both my OM job and the panel.  As of December 18, 2009, I’ve been gainfully UNemployed.  **Although, I did write something silly online and made a whopping $3.12 for my article!  (if you’d like to help me earn another TWO CENTS, please click here)**

Things I love (aside from the usual): beanie hats; falling snow; suspense novels; the smells of autumn; the colors blue and green; hot baths; coffee with friends; crafting; Ugly Betty; laughing; campfires; camping in the mountains; cooking for people, Christmastime; bellies on babies; Humboldt Fog cheese; bread & butter; new tennis shoes; journals (and writing in them)

Things that freak me out:  Spiders!!  Rapists and murderers (and, no, I’ve never had to defend one)


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  • Dez

    Love your new site- can’t wait to hear more about your cool adventures. Love it. Totally forgot you guys met on Match!! Rich & I met on Match TOO & he’s the most amazing boyfriend I’ve ever had! 🙂 We are total explorers who love adventures… so I’ll be checking in often for inspiration! 🙂

  • Jodi Solem

    Go Karen and Matt Go! We are watching how you are all doing. My mom (Elaine) sent me your tracking page and your photo and video blog. Lots of blessings and miracles to both of you and your travel mates!

  • Nora

    You’re two cents richer! Hope you guys are doing well!!!

  • Amanda Bowman

    Hello! I just stumbled onto your blog while doing a bit of research for my own South Pacific cruise. So much of what you’ve written has hit a note for me. It’s almost like looking into my own future. Thank you for your insight, humor and well organized blog. Hope to meet you out on the water 🙂

  • Ash Dunn

    Hi Lady –

    A very long ‘hanging’ day at work today, so have had some time to catch up on everyone – this story is amazing!

    I take my hat off to you sailing for all these months. Who would have thought, back when we were all washing dishes at Streamside … ha ha!!

    Lots of love friend!

  • Ed Kreiser

    Hi Karen…
    Well, time flies when you’re having fun…on the boat! I’ve been following your adventures since the beginning and I’m excited for you to be coming home. Frankly, I have no idea how you managed such a journey but I’m happy for both of you. I’m looking forward to seeing all your images from the excursion. I hope that you put together some kind of album outlining your trip although I feel like I have been there with you both by experiencing your blogs along the way.
    Have a safe trip home..
    Ed K.

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