Weather Helmed

an adventure in renewing the spirit and living the dream…on a sailboat

Weather Helmed

Crew & Supporting Cast

“Crew” are those who actually help us with sailing the boat, the “Supporting Cast” are all of those friends & family who have visited us and hung out in the various ports, giving us the strength and encouragement we need to continue the journey 🙂


Feb. 27, 2010: Another good friend from law school, Courtney, happened to be visiting with her parents in SD while we were down there, so we invited them over to the boat and had a great time.  I got to hang out with Court and her mom again when they drove me over to Tom’s the next day for a little internet legal research…  Courtney, I’m so glad we got to see you!!!  (pics coming soon)

Feb. 24, 2010: Tom, one of my good friends from law school lives in San Diego, so I let him know we were headed his way.  We met up with him for happy hour and dinner at this cool little Mexican place in Old Town, then followed up with a beer at some obscure tavern close to where he lives.   (the photo isn’t great, but it’s the memories that count, right?!)

Feb. 14, 2010:  On Valentine’s Day, my mom, my aunt Arlene and my uncle Tom made the trek from the central valley over to Santa Barbara to hang out with us.  It was nice to see them again and I think they enjoyed themselves.  It was the first time A&T had seen the boat.

CREW:  Jan – Feb 2010:  Our friends Pete & Ray graciously agreed to come out and help us kick start this whole sailing gig.  Pete arrived at the end of January eager to work on the boat, to Matt’s great happiness, and Ray joined us in February, bringing with her a host of fabulous recipes.  They started the trip with us, sailing down the California coast and then jumped ship in Catalina after two weeks of hanging out on the boat.  Thanks guys!!! 🙂

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  • Rebecca and Patrick Childress

    Hey – stumbled upon your web site here in Lautoka looking for “waypoints for Mamanuca Islands”…hey 0 I know them! Sort of!

    Tell me how I can put “Buy us a Drink” on our web site…I LOVE it!

    Loved reading through your web site…wish I had your insight when I was 30 something!


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