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Weather Helmed

Let’s say GRACE – over and over and over

November 25th, 2010 · No Comments · Australia, Cheers!!, Fellow Cruisers, Life on the Boat, Random Thoughts, Shore Excursions, Somebody likes us, The End

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!  We had a great turkey day the Aussie way, throwin’ some brats on the barbie with the only other US boat we knew in the area.  It was such an enjoyable time.  I felt really happy that we could still celebrate the holiday with a nice day with friends and throwing the frisbee and laughing and, of course, eating way too much food. AND, as though mocking us all, there was even an honest-to-goodness TURKEY wandering around the park near our bbq!!  He made it clear that he knew he was in no danger and, he wasn’t – mostly because there were several IBIS’s around being sneaky and trying to make off with our sausages and corn that we were all more concerned with chasing them off the grill than we were throwing the turkey ON it.

As we sat there surrounded by giggling boys and laughing friends who we only met a few months ago, I felt supremely blessed and thankful.  And, then, with the good news of some friends’ engagement, I started recounting the good things that happened to my girlfriends this year and felt OVERWHELMED with thankfulness that, even though I was thousands of miles away, I still got to share in their experiences.  Heck, even the not-so-good experiences make me grateful that my friends trust in me and care about me enough to share their struggles, too.

So, all in all, right now, I am feeling like a pretty happy, thankful woman 🙂

There is a lot going on over here these days, especially with the computers – Matt’s has totally crashed, we’re turning mine over to Jon so Matt is transferring stuff around like crazy, I’m starting up a NEW BLOG! (yes! a new one!), and the free internet at the cafe is hit or miss, BUT – for once, I’m feeling hopeful and optimistic about it all even though it means that Matt and I are another day closer to having to share a laptop (eeeeek!).

The boat continues to roll around every single time a ferry passes by (and they pass by about every 10-15 minutes) and Matt and I continue to grumble about the boat, so the fact that we’re going home in a week is still making us very very excited!  Not to mention that there will be two adorable little kittens waiting in our stockings!

A few nights ago, I drafted up a post about all the unusual Thanksgivings I’ve had (and there have been lots!).  As I started writing, though, I realized my memory gets all confused and I decided not to post it for fear that my mom and my brother and my aunt and a few friends might rat me out and say, that wasn’t thanksgiving! that was… and then you would all know just how bad my mind is and why it takes me a few minutes to remember what my phone number – the one I had for about nine years, and just gave up nine months ago – was.  Anyway, the whole point of that post, was to say that it seems like none of my Thanksgivings was ever exactly the same, there was really no “tradition” to them, but, despite that, there was always one thing that never ever changed – there was always, ALWAYS, something (or someone) to be thankful for, and this year, it seems there are far, far too many 🙂

Eat some yummy leftovers for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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