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Weather Helmed

Domestic Goddess In-Training & Certified Boat Slave

November 15th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Boat Work

Hmmm… if I had to pick one, I think Domestic Goddess is more my kind of gig.  Granted, the only thing I’m really any good at is cooking and I think Matt might also prefer me to focus more on skills like doing the dishes or sweeping the floor than my half-hearted attempts at knitting, crafting, or painting.  BUT – look what I got this weekend, as a wedding present!!!!



The story behind all of this, of course, relates to Boat Work.  Back in Colorado, Jon, one of the 3 boat owners, decided last year that he was going to sew us a new light-air sail.  The sail was only one of several sewing projects for the boat.  We also want to sew lee-cloths (these prevent us from falling out of bed when the boat is heeled over and we are sleeping), a new sail bag, and perhaps mattress and settee covers so we can toss out the nasty pea-green sheets we’ve been using on them for the last year and a half.  Determined and desperate to truly become a D.G., I initially thrilled at the idea of learning to sew, only to realize that a full-time job and a sort-of-f/t job would make getting anything (enjoyable) done very very difficult.  So, Jon rose to the occasion and is almost finished with our beautiful new sail!

But – the lee-cloths and other projects remain.   So, guess what Jon got me as a wedding gift??    Yep.  He is the one looking to pass the needle, er, torch.

Tonight Matt and I went to Michaels to purchase the basic sewing needs.   (Apologies for all the blurry photos!!)


Then I spent the rest of the evening playing with my sewing machine.  I was SO intimidated and I still feel a little confused by all the technical stuff, but I am hoping that I can figure it out and become more comfortable with it because Borders had some books with REALLY REALLY cute patterns that would be *fabulous* to make 🙂 (scroll down on the link)

I have very humble beginnings, but my first attempt at something is not too bad, right?

IMG_2748(These are two pieces of fabric cut from a couple of our ratty t-shirts)

All I can say so far is that this sewing thing is proving WAY more fun than the other stuff we’ve been doing in the evenings….

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