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Weather Helmed

This is not a joke – PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!

October 29th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Famous Firsts

As you all know, I’ve struggled with being happy while on this sailing trip.


I just came across this blogging contest thing tonight on the Sam-e website and decided to enter it.  I’ve NEVER entered any kind of contest like this before but it would be really really cool to win. True, I can’t exactly say that I have “an undeniable good mood,” but Sam-e is for people who have difficulty maintaining a good mood anyway!  See, I really AM the best person for this job 😉

Anyway, it would be really awesome if any of you – my sweet, patient readers – would take a second to vote for me.  Votes have to be in by November 10. Thank you!!!!!!

Vote for Me
Good Mood Gig from SAM-e


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  • Amy

    done and good luck!

  • Nicole

    You have my vote!! Brady says HI – he’s almost 6 mos old. can you believe it? He was still in my belly when you set off on this journey. So what happens to the boat when you fly back home??

  • Rowan

    I just voted for you. I don’t know you but from reading your blog I think you would be a great person for the job. You have the guts to face and examine your unhappiness and it seems that you have gained an appreciation and understanding of what it takes for you to be happy. I’m not sure there is very much to learn from the perpetual ray-of-sunshine, glass is always half full type of person. Plus, you are clearly a natural writer. Good luck with the contest!

  • Amy

    i vote for you everyday (except Saturday, whoops!)…where’s the campaign slogan?

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